Cape Town, Western Cape

Your Go-to IT Company

Device Repairs & Service

Any devices faulty or in need of a service?
We got you coverd as we specialize in this.

Remote Desktop Support

Are you in need of help remotely?
We can cover you on this as-well. We use Teamviewer and Anydesk. We redeem Remote Support FREE of charge for the first hour.

Website Development & Design

In need of a online pressence? Come to us and we will host and create a next generation website for all your needs.

Network Infrastucture

Need a better network infrastructure of solution? We come to your premisis to determine what we can assist on.


We are here to help

Hype IT serves Private Individuals, Small, Medium and Enterprise companies with a personal and pro-active approach to maintaining and improving their IT infrastructure and Services.

We aim to be an affordable and approachable IT company that is open minded, dependable, honest and committed to your brand.
We believe in excellence and with innovation we can find the right solution, services and products to meet your needs.

Things we’re great at

Device Maintenance and Setup

We pride our-self with extensive knowledge about Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Devices including their hardware and software.

Software Development

With a experienced software development team we can develop any software suited for your needs.

Web-Hosting & Web-Development

We host websites and domains with our AWESOME hosting company Elitehost to make your online experience a dream come true. We do not just host but we design outstanding responsive websites to your liking.

Network Infrastucture

We use state of the art network technologies with outstaning best practice usage to setup your network infrastucture.

Why Choose Us

We believe that you as an individual, your brand, your company is the most important brand to build, when you accept us and allow us into your brand, company and home we support you and your brand fully and we will do whatever it takes in making your technology work for you, so you and your brand operates at an optimal rate.

We are affordable, we do not rush to get things done, we make sure that you get good quality products, services and support.

When we are dealing with you, YOU are our number ONE focus.